WordCamp NYC 2010, Day 1

WordCamp NYC 2010

I was at WordCamp NYC 2010 today, which was less “camp” and more “conference” — it was well organized, there were different tracks of presentations, scheduled speakers, lunch was provided, and t-shirts were handed out, etc. For the cost of $30, this was an incredibly good offering.

My only “complaint” (more like whine) is that the 2010 t-shirt sucks compared to the 2009 shirt. I’m sure the 2009 shirt was more expensive, but I’d totally be willing to pony up another $10 to get one. I hope for 2011, they bring back the way cooler subway-style NYC shirt.

Tomorrow is the more traditional “unconference” format camp, which I suspect will weed out all the “omg blogging!” types, and only the real geekcore folks will be there. I plan to submit at least a few patches towards WordPress 3.1 in the hacker room. I’ll also be volunteering from 3-4 PM at the genius bar, so bring your questions and come get some answers!

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