nsingres is now official

It’s official: I just committed the nsingres module to SourceForge CVS. nsingres is an internal DB driver for AOLserver.

Source tarball is available here: nsingres-0.1-src.tar.gz


  1. That’s great Dossy. Ingres was the first RDBMS I ever used since it’s what I was taught on at University (memories…) with SQL embedded in C (urg).

    Have you announced this on the ingres forums at opensource.ca.com ?

    Could be a good chance to get some coverage for aolserver.

  2. No — I hadn’t announced it over at the Ingres forums, but I definitely intended to. Thanks for the reminder.

    By the way, nsingres makes use of ESQL/C. :-)

  3. FYI, here’s the thread I just posted in the CA Ingres User Forum:


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