sex, lies and masking tape

Kelly Burgener wrote an article for Speak Up, a discussion blog for graphic designers, titled Pornography Perils. I couldn’t resist the urge to leave a comment, which I’m going to repeat here as well:

“an industry of extreme manipulation, coercion, profiteering, and addiction”

Sounds like the Advertising and Mass-media industries, which designers hone their skills to participate in.

Frankly, the business of sex (which includes pornography) has always driven the economy. To try and undermine it is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

“Like most designers, I believe that graphic design can be a powerful tool against ignorance, exploitation, and manipulation.”

You want to help change the world? Spend your effors to counter the products and by-products of the mass media. The hate, ignorance, manipulation and fear it promotes.

Only then, will our largely ignorant, fearsome and manipulated population not feel the need to turn to the sex business for comfort, solace, entertainment and escape.

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