Boy, they sure can fit a lot of words on a page!

Tonight, at bedtime, my daughter Charlie decided to read a chapter out of one of her favorite book series, Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley.

We’ve made reading before bed a ritual with our kids since long before they could even speak. Perhaps its no coincidence, but both Charlie and Suzie are very advanced readers for their age.

Normally, I do the reading at bedtime so the kids can just relax and get ready to doze off, but tonight Charlie wanted to do the reading. As she read through the chapter, she yawned and said, “Boy, they sure can fit a lot of words on a page.”

I could only reply, “Yes, they sure can, sweetie.” My girls constantly amaze me at the depth of their keen observations. I hope they can hold onto their ability to discover things with such ease, and I can remain in awe of them.


  1. Who knew the Google Alert my son helped set on my name would let me know I was part of beddy-bye rituals on the same night my youngest turned 22?
    Lovely! And I have so happy reading is important to you & your family as it is to mine.
    Happy Sunday,
    Terri Farley

  2. Terri: I know the books say “ages 10 and up” but my daughter Charlie’s only seven. She has books 1 through 11 and is starting to re-read the series on her own, this time.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a note! The kids got a real kick out of seeing it!

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