shiny new toy: w.bloggar

After telling Carl Garland about manually reposting entries from my main blog into my other blogs, he told me about w.bloggar.

Consistent with the four phases of change (denial, resistance, exploration, commitment), I denied that manually reposting entries was tedious enough to warrant using software to do it, then I resisted the idea of using w.bloggar with lame reasons like “oh, it’s some desktop Win32 app and not a web app” or “where are the screen shots?” This was several weeks ago.

I started thinking about why I blog so infrequently and thought, “it’s because I really don’t have the time to blog often.” Then, while reading and admiring Jeremy Zawodny’s blog, I wondered how he finds the time to update even several times a day. I discovered that Jeremy uses w.bloggar, and has been for a long time. It occurred to me that being able to author blog entries off-line, saving as you go and publishing once it’s finished, would let me jot all sorts of things down without having to commit to saving them to the actual blog software — or, needing to be online to do it. It would also make it easier to repost entries to the different blogs that w.bloggar supports. Basically, it takes away my excuses to not blog more frequently and that’s good.

So begins my exploration phase of change, with my downloading of w.bloggar v4.00 and installing it, setting it up, and getting familiar with the interface. It’s a bit weird, but I think I can get used to it. We’ll see if I reach the commitment phase, or uninstall this thing. But for now, things look pretty good.

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