Paris Hilton podcasting, now I’ve seen it all!

OK, some marketing genius really should get their props for this one. I’m searching for something in one of the Yahoo! Groups that I’m a member of, and I see this banner ad:

House of Wax

Anyone who knows me understands why I even looked at the ad (mmm, blonde). Why would I click on it? Because the headline text read “THE PARIS HILTON PODCAST” — and, what avant garde geek isn’t at least curious about something that mentions podcasting, especially when the podcaster’s a blonde? (Mental note: start a new “blondecaster” registry.) So, I clicked through and followed the podcast link.

Yes! It’s for real! Their podcast is syndicated with RSS. What’s even cooler is that Warner Brothers is distributing a customized version of iPodder! I’m sure the iPodder team is thrilled about this cross-promotion of their project.

Now, the only decision left to make: do I actually subscribe and listen to Paris Hilton‘s podcast? Hmm … it’s a pity you can only see blonde, not hear it.


  1. it’s a pity you can only see blonde, not hear it

    That’s not true at all. Have you ever heard her speak? You can definitely hear the blonde. =)

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