Robert Scoble discovers MSN Search now has another AOL Search feature

Robert Scoble, cheerleading for his MSN Search team, discovered today that MSN Search now has another AOL Search feature, the sports stats widget. He says:

Oh, my, and are we seeing MSN beat Google for the first time at
something? I was just doing some searches on Ichirio Suzuki. Look at Google’s result. Look at Yahoo’s results. Then look at MSN’s.
MSN now includes a neat little chart. Oh, I want this for myself!
Searching for “Robert Scoble” doesn’t have a cool chart like that.

Don’t forget to look at AOL’s. AOL even puts the Snapshot widget above the Sponsored Links, while MSN doesn’t.

I realize that AOL Search is trailing even MSN Search according to Nielsen//NetRatings (via, but if you look at the “Share Of Searches Trend” data over the last few months, MSN has been trending down while AOL has been trending up. If the AOL Search team can keep it up by launching best-in-class search products like AOL Video Search, there might be reason for the MSN Search guys to take a much closer look at what AOL’s doing that MSN isn’t.

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