Yes, Virginia, there are sex products for sale at …

(Yes, this blog entry’s title is a nod to this quote.)

While I couldn’t help but point out earlier this year that the famous e-tailer sold items such as anal douche (I mean, how can you resist? It’s anal douche! Everyone loves anal douche, right?), it seems Susan Mernit just found out, too. To be fair, now has an entire section devoted to Sex & Sensuality products, now. So, I decided to give it a quick browse to see what’s new … here are some examples of what’s available:

Well, in browsing around, I decided to check out what condoms they had, because that’s always good for a laugh (thanks, Joe Grossberg). What caught me by surprise was this: Condoms: Narrow by Price -- WTF?

What condom product in the world could possibly cost over $500? Turns out, it’s what you’d expect: condoms, in bulk. I mean, to the tune of a case of 5,000 Okamoto Fe+Male condoms — yikes! Exactly who does expect will order this? By my back-of-the-napkin math, if you used three condoms a day, every day, it’d take you almost five (5!) years to deplete your condom supply. I wonder how far out the expiration date is on these things.

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