Chinglesh? Chingrish? Naked Conversations!

A kind stranger at work named Holly IM’ed me out of the blue after she spotted my name in the acknowledgements for Shel Israel’s and Robert Scoble’s new book, Naked Conversations. She’s going to the book’s launch party and offered to try and get me an autographed copy — how sweet of her! Turns out, she blogs too.

By now, everyone’s heard of “Engrish,” that dialect of English that’s spoken by Japanese translators and marketing people … but what about the Chinese? Holly puts forth the suggestion that they speak “Chinglesh“, and not “Chingrish.” What do you think it should be?



  1. It should stay “Engrish”!

    Here’s a note one Chinese gentleman gave me as he was trying to sell me a house:

    “I speak litter engrish”

  2. Sorry about that, I meant it should stay Chingrish!

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