I ought to test in MSIE more often

To anyone who might have tried to leave a comment on this blog using the MSIE or AOL Explorer browser (which uses MSIE under the hood) and couldn’t, I’m sorry about that. Someone just told me today that it wasn’t working … turns out I had an extra close tag (specifically, </form>) which MSIE was interpreting correctly (which ended up neutering the “Post” button) but Firefox was being lenient about. In other words, it wasn’t working under MSIE which was the technically right behavior, but I didn’t know it because I mostly use Firefox which ignored my mistake and “did what I meant, not what I said.”

Commenting should now work for MSIE users again. Sorry about that. Fire away! And if you ever have a problem with this site, don’t hesitate to email me and let me know about it.


  1. Dossy,
    I noticed this as well while working on a website for my team. In IE setting a border height to a p.class (my Dreamweaver drag and drop mistake) IE actually applied the height correctly whileas Firefox bypassed it and applied the border to the whole p tag. Just onea them things.


  2. Shawn:

    Yeah, it’s a real bummer when things break in IE when they actually should, but I didn’t know out about it because I only test in Firefox, because I just assumed that if it worked okay in Firefox it would likely work in IE as well. Boy, was I wrong.

  3. Dossy,
    Yeah I was suprised, I started blamming IE on it not doing what it’s supposed to be doing which is what I wanted it to be doing in Flock. However after looking over the code I was kinda taken aback by the fact that IE did exactlly as it “should” do whereas Flock just fudged the whole deal. Oh well I only test in Flock (a Firefox derivative) so I know how you feel.

  4. i am a firefox user, my advice is you can use a firefox extension called IE Tap. It is quite good when u wanna debug your webpage.

  5. aba9785:

    Embedding IE as a tab within Firefox is an interesting idea, but I’d never use it … I just wouldn’t think to. The problem isn’t about not having access to IE (it’s installed, etc.), it’s just that I never use it, so I forget to test stuff with it. That’s just my laziness. :-)

    But, thanks for the pointer to yet another cool Firefox add-on! It’s amazing what you can do with Firefox …

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