Spotted Dick? You put it in your mouth? Are you serious?

So, I was in the local supermarket the other day and my spouse, who knows how much I love teh funny, picks up a can and goes, “Here, you’ll like this.” This is what she hands me:

Heinz Spotted Dick

I quickly put it back on the shelf, whipped out my camera phone, and took a quick snap.

Yes, that does say “Spotted Dick.” It’s a can of Heinz Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding. Those are just five words that don’t belong in a sentence with that kind of proximity. Apparently people eat Dick and like it, when it’s Spotted. Ahh, those strange Brits are just so queer.

UPDATE 2006-06-13: My friend Kevin shares some cock flavoured soup mix. Superb!



  1. Oh my…I never knew such a product existed – LOL!!

  2. An English person says

    It’s a traditional pudding, dick used to mean dough, but it is quite funny! Try some its really good with custard.

  3. Chickenhead says

    Dick is from “puddik” pudding back in the 1800’s Shortened to DICK.. Made of suet.. Really good for your heart!

  4. Tom Higgins says

    Yeah – You americans are well funny! Wish i was american. lets invade a country where we dontknow where it is?
    Would love to lose all sense of intelligence. maybe i could become presidnent then!

    Spotted dicks? i saw a few in the White house.

    • I found a can of this stuff on the shelf here in California too! Cracked up when I saw it. I took a picture of it an blasted it on Facebook LOL!

      Anyway, for those of you in the UK that doesn’t know what Dick is in the US, its slang for a man’s penis. So don’t get all stupid and defensive. If we posted something you’ve never seen, you would do the same thing. And Tom Higgins, what the fu*k does a can food have to do with politics? Eating spotting dick is probably why they say the UK needs more dental work.

    • I’ll second that response. Some people are just plain stupid.

    • If you ever decide to become president, well, you may want take a moment to learn how to spell it. As for knowing where a country is, England would; they seem to have tried to invade/own all of them at one time or another…
      Just this Irish-American’s .02 worth.

  5. Do Architects really love eating spotted dick? Right after a main course of cock flavoured soup?

  6. Ah, yes, can’t forget about the cock flavoured soup.

  7. “wish i was american. Would love to lose all sense of intelligence”, you dont miss what you never had eh!!!!

  8. “Wish i was american. lets invade a country where we dontknow where it is? Would love to lose all sense of intelligence”

  9. Is that balls and all? Followed by the cream of sum-yung-gy?

    Really, six bucks seems reasonable for a mouth full of spotted dick.

    Whores in NY charge alot more. But I know Architects who just love to chomp on pork, spotted or not.

  10. Cheese eater says

    i love a dribble of cheese.

  11. Tom Higgins says

    How much is six bucks in real money?

  12. Vincent Monzentini says

    isn’t that Kerry’s wife… Heinz Bobbitt?

  13. hahheahaEHaehh! Pretty good! “Here’s roof sniper, dick spotted. May I shot him?” haha

  14. How dare you make fun of spotted dick! It’s traditional.

  15. Hmmmm spotted dick, normally I woudl say if its spotted stay away… but is this case with
    LOTS O CREAM its amazing!!!

  16. What store were you in that had Spotted Dick for sale?
    Name & City please would be nice.

    Thanks Earle

  17. Earle: I believe it was my local Stop & Shop here in Butler, New Jersey.


  19. its almost as yummy as alyson’s cream!

  20. Oh ya, I have lots O cream thats comes out of my SPOTTED DICK! Oh ya 8 LBS of Sturdy Meat!

  21. Hey Travaglione, open up a can of your spotted dick


  22. Ida/Clyde: You need a hobby. One that doesn’t involve commenting on this blog entry. :-P

  23. I know, I have a hobby and it is commenting on this blog to make my friend laugh! and your hobby is reading my comments….

  24. You brittish pussies sure do whine alot…Mabey in the UK that makes sense but in America its effin funny…so go eat a dick!!! hehehehehehehe

  25. danielle says

    I work at a byerlys and that is EXACTLY what i did after work xD haha i was laughing my head off.

  26. I have a can of spotted dick to give as a gag gift at my office christmas party. I’m going to give it to a friend from south america….he is not going to get this at all! lol

  27. You're all children says

    You’re all children. Americans, British people know what “dick” is slang for.

    Spotted dick is an old suet based sponge pudding with raisins in it hence the “spotted” dick.

    Wonder when you’ll get over the toilet humour stage ;)

    • I’m Canadian, but that’s fucking funny. You’d be laughing too if you found a food product that meant “Spotted Penis” or something of the sort.

      To the people of the UK, sure, it’s normal since they have different slang and that’s an average word (Apparently). But to us, it’s hilarious since “Dick” means “Penis.”

      Call it immature if you will, but I stand by what I said. Because of where I’m from, it honestly sounds like a spotted penis in a jar. Lmao.

  28. Just so no one can say this isn’t constructive and educational…the word for pudding was “puddik”. That is the origin for it’s being referred to it as “dick”.

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