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  1. Ah, show me some love with a link, bro. :)

    And stop hating on the JS presentation; it’s got some interesting stuff.

  2. If would allow more than some 200-odd bytes for a link description, I could do more with the entries that get posted weekly in my roll-up here. As it is, I have to cram in the plaintext link attribution at the end of the description.

  3. Dossy, my wife loves the Oh Baby one. Nice to see Zend getting into the framework game.

  4. Chris:

    Yeah, it’s funny that Zend put together a web framework. People who are inclined to hack PHP do so because, well, they’re just hacking code together to build something. It takes discipline to leverage a framework; it’s that lack of discipline that (I believe) attracts the hobbyist web developer to PHP. So, I wonder how successful a web framework for PHP could ever be. By its very nature, PHP isn’t going to attract folks who are inclined to use frameworks.

    Of course, the times could be changing. If there’s a God out there, he’s going to swiftly kill Java once and for all, and folks will migrate to PHP, Ruby/Rails, Python or (my preference) AOLserver. :-)

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