Phanfare, a photo/video hosting startup, in New Jersey, too!

Living in New Jersey, I really like to avoid having to go into New York City. But, being a technologist, there’s so many companies there, so often when I’m looking for work, the jobs are all in NYC. Today, I’ve come across a startup right here in Metuchen, NJ, called Phanfare, a photo/video hosting company similar to Flickr and YouTube, combined.

What I like: the CEO, Andrew Erlichson is blogging. What I dislike: they’re in the business of making desktop software. I found this funny:

Instead of a slow and clunky web interface, you interact with a zippy program running on your computer.

Uh, how about a fast and not-clunky web interface, that I interact with a zippy programm running on my computer (you know, that “web browser” thingy)? Hello, 1998 is calling and it wants it’s client-server architecture back.

To be fair, for managing any significant amount of large assets like photos and videos, having a helper application running on the client’s machine outside the browser is probably necessary, due to all of the important security restrictions placed on code that runs within the browser. However, having to support client software across platforms is just such a headache. I’d at least develop it in something portable like Tcl/Tk so the same code could be run without modification across platforms.

Well, I wish the Phanfare team lots of luck: I’d like to see more startups in New Jersey! Perhaps one that I’d really like to be a part of who would like to have me on their team.



  1. It would be interesting to see something like Google Earth developed to run in a web browser.

    No, I take that back actually it wouldn’t.

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