God’s motivational power is astounding

My friend Steve and I talk about all sorts of stuff, but a snippet from today’s exchange I really wanted to share with everyone:

Steve: My coworker, who’s an orthodox Jew, believes ideas like CD players came from God because he can’t conceive how ideas like that can come from mere mortals. I tried to explain to him that ideas are a dime a dozen and the important key is actually doing it.

Dossy: Right. Motivation comes from God. :) Because, mere mortals left to their own devices would just sit around naked and masturbate. You know, ’til we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden … and we realized being naked and masturbating was Not Good.

Dossy: That damned forbidden fruit.

Ah, any time you can mash up a world’s creation myth with masturbation, you’ve accomplished a masterwork. I’ve met my quota for the day.

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