Running AOLserver … on the iPhone?

Apparently Eric O’Laughlen has managed to compile AOLserver for the iPhone. Then, he went and forked the code into what he’s calling “Joggame Server“. (If you thought “AOLserver” was a bad name, it’s nothing compared to that!)

I haven’t jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, sticking with my old Treo 650 for now, but this makes me wish I had access to one. Running web applications locally on the iPhone opens the door to applications that are usable online as well as offline. Of course, someone has to write such applications, first, which remains to be seen.

Still, maybe this will help get some new folks interested in AOLserver and that can only be a good thing!

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  1. I’m just hoping somebody get’s a working version of mysql for the iphone. Then I’ll be in heaven.

  2. jason: Uh, MySQL? Why? That seems a bit … bulky … for the iPhone. I’d lean more towards SQLite on something like the iPhone.

  3. Scriptmonkey says

    “…maybe this will help get some new folks interested in AOLserver”

    Cricket: (chirp, chirp, chirp)

  4. Scriptmonkey: Yeah, I know. Once AOLserver is part of AppTapp, I’m betting more people will be willing to try it out.

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