Still no FiOS in Butler, NJ Verizon FiOS map for Butler, NJ
(click for full-size image) offers a neat view showing “actual” Verizon FiOS coverage using Google Maps. The screenshot above shows Butler, NJ (07405), which I drew a big blue ring that shows a total lack of FiOS coverage within a 12 mile radius around Butler.

Come on, Verizon … hurry up and roll out FiOS in Butler! I’m waiting!

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  1. FiOS isn’t available in my area either although Allendale and Hillsdale already have it.

  2. Morton Fox: It is, indeed, cruel torture, to watch people get FiOS outside of the “ring of darkness” which Butler is apparently inside of.

    It almost makes me want to try cable-modem service again. If only Cablevision/Optimum Online weren’t such total clueless losers in Butler, too.

  3. When you DO get FiOS in your area don’t rush for it since from experience they often mess up initial installation. After it is available in your area wait 2/3 weeks so they can work the kinks out of service, then order.

  4. Xeelee: I’m sure there’ll be provisioning problems with Verizon … given how slowly they’re rolling it out, I might just give cable modem service a try.

    My area is served by Optimum Online, and now that they’re offering the “Boost” and static IP services, it might be a possible replacement for my SDSL. However, their TOS is still absolutely lousy; they really don’t seem to want to encourage business use of their service, really. What a shame …

  5. It would seem most telecoms add more limitations to the ToS of their business customers than residential customers.

    That’s probably why they jack up the price so much… they gotta think of more crap to add to the thing xD

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