Choosing a church like you’d choose a supermarket

I like to describe myself as an igtheist–one who doesn’t care whether God exists or not.

However, I attend a Lutheran church every week, and I play guitar for the children’s choir and sing in the church choir. I do this because I really like the people in the congregation, as well as the opportunity to share my love for performing music and singing with people.

How do you go about choosing a church? Think about it this way: choosing a church is like choosing a supermarket. Some folks go to the nearest one to their house. Some stick with a particular chain because they prefer it for whatever reason. Some go to the one that sells at the lowest prices. Some go to the ones that offer the highest quality product. Some go to the ones that give away free food samples.

Going to church is not so much about believing in God than it is about liking the community of people that attend church at a specific location. Your criteria for choosing a church will likely differ from someone else’s, but in the end if you go to church, go because it provides you with the value you’re looking for, not as a statement about your belief (or lack thereof) in God.

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  1. Exactly! That is why I really haven’t found one that I like since moving to New Hampshire from an awesome congregation in New York. I don’t feel any less close to God, nor do I feel any less spiritual, but I do miss being a part of a congregation for the sake of community.

  2. Tracy Lee: It is tough to find a congregation where you fit in, that accepts you, and where you’re comfortable. Some churches can make this difficult, which is unfortunate, but you just have to check out a bunch until you find one that fits, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

  3. I have a cousin that is trying to decide what church to go to. I can see your point of people choosing a church like they choose a supermarket. Some only go because it is close or they like the associations they gain there. I love the values that are taught in my church. I hope my cousin can find one that she values and treasures as well!

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