Reproducible crash bug in FeedDemon 2.6

Well, that didn’t take long. I have a reproducible crash bug in FeedDemon 2.6, already–what was that, in my first 10 minutes of use?

Reproducible FeedDemon crash bug screenshot

I simply go to a folder that has more than 10 items in it, thus having more than one “page” in the newspaper view. I read some items, hit Ctrl-D to go to the next page, then Ctrl-M to mark the items as read, then I get the error popup you see in the screenshot above. I’ve restarted FeedDemon several times and each time I can reproduce the crash with the same exact steps.

Of course, the customary advice of “well, don’t do that, then” isn’t very useful here, as this is exactly the kind of reading workflow I prefer. It’s going to be hard to make it through the week-long trial …

I hope FeedDemon 2.6.1 isn’t too far away from being released. And, I hope it includes a fix for this crash bug.


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