bad luck, teterboro

Almost exactly two months ago, I blogged about my flight home from Dulles, VA, to Teterboro, NJ, being cancelled due to a plane crash at Teterboro.

Well, there was apparently another plane crash at Teterboro this morning:

A small jet skidded off the runway while taking off from Teterboro Airport on Wednesday, crossing a highway and striking cars during the morning rush hour before slamming into a warehouse.

State police said two people were missing and 11 were injured in the crash. It was not immediately clear whether all those people were on the plane.

A traffic helicopter pilot for New York radio station WCBS said the plane went off the runway and broke through a fence. It appeared to strike at least one car.

Fortunately, I wasn’t even planning on flying down to VA this morning, and from the few details about the operating company of the plane that crashed, it wasn’t even the plane that I would have been on, anyhow.

However, perhaps these two crashes in short succession somewhat validates one of my co-workers behaviors. He refuses to fly, insisting on driving the five-odd hours from northern NJ down to northern VA, each way. But if you ask me, I’ll take my chances in favor of the fourty-five minute jet ride, but maybe not today. :-)

EDIT: Apparently, you can now search the NTSB aviation accident database online. Here’s the synopsis of the crash I blogged about on 1 Dec 2004.

EDIT: Here’s the synopsis of this crash.

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