Today’s geek news: Sun acquires MySQL AB

Sun + MySQL = ???

After yesterday’s yawner of a Macworld Expo, I wasn’t really expecting today to yield much interesting news. Of course, I wake up to the news that Sun acquired MySQL! Both Jonathan Schwartz and Kaj Arnö share with us some of the best-laid plans of mice and men.

My first reaction was most definitely “WTF?!?” After the initial shock subsided, I wondered if it was April already. Checking my calendar, I realized it wasn’t. Ah, maybe I’m still sleeping and this is just a really lucid dream? Nope. Okay, so how do I get from “denial” to “acceptance” as quickly as possible?

Sure, the next phase set in quick: anger. How dare they do this? First, Sun gives up the legacy of their SUNW ticker symbol in exchange for JAVA. Now they’re going after my beloved MySQL database? Please don’t tell me the next press release to come out is the announcement of a renamed MySQL into some craptastic “Sun Enterprise Data Management Suite,” codenamed “Monkeybutter.”

Fine, I’m being completely irrational, I know it. Things can’t get that bad, that quickly, right? I mean, if we’re all supportive and positive, things will just keep getting better for both Sun and MySQL, right? I mean, Sun infusing more money into MySQL will inevitably make it a better product, right? Just let some good come out of this situation, please?

Oh, what’s the use? Companies are struggling so hard to find MySQL talent, and it’s allegedly “the world’s most popular open source database” according to MySQL itself. Sun bet the farm on Java and subsequently we’ve watched the company fall into the pit of irrelevancy. Who really cares what happens to either of these companies any more?

You know who? I do. I love Sun hardware and I love using MySQL databases. If there’s some benefit to be had here, I’m sure Jonathan Schwartz will find it and exploit it to the benefit of his customers. In any business, if I had to bet on someone, I’ll always pick the guy with the pony-tail and T-shirt to win. If you’ve ever seen me in person, you’ll know exactly why. :-)


  1. So Sun (JAVA) buys a database company. In retaliation a database company (Oracle) buys a Java company (BEA). Heh.

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