Why do you read this blog?

I’ve always wanted to blog about more personal things but always wondered who would bother to read it or even care. I’ve tried to stick to more technical subjects that might be useful and looking at my web traffic, this has definitely worked out. But, looking at the 160-odd subscribers to my blog makes it clear that there aren’t many people who care to read it regularly enough to subscribe to it.

But, there still are 160 or so out there, who have subscribed. I’d like to ask you: why? Do we know each other? Are you generally curious about me? Are you hoping I’ll post something useful for you and you don’t want to miss it?

I really want to know. Either leave a comment on this entry, or email me or catch me on IM and lets talk.


  1. Always interested in what a fellow NJ Hackfest’r is up to.

  2. Mike McLean says

    It’s kind of a combination of two things; the obvious one is that we worked together at Pearson. There is the general “techo geek keep it touch” aspect from that. I also read the technical postings, if you find something cool and useful, it might be cool and useful for me also.

    Like if you blog about your Asterisk VoIP setup ;)


  3. Steve: Ah, cool. Do you mean hackfest-related stuff, technical stuff in general, or personal stuff?

    Mike: Yeah, I’m really horrible at the “keeping in touch” thing with people. I’m a very “out of sight, out of mind” type of geek. It’s probably because I suffer from NADD.

    I am planning on doing some blogging about my Asterisk VoIP setup. Right now, I’m trying to get FoIP (Fax over IP) working and as expected, it’s hit-or-miss at best. It doesn’t look like a lot of carriers are supporting T.38 yet, either. I mostly wanted to do FoIP for fax reception–I can scan and email stuff I need to send, but can’t force people sending me documents to do the same, unfortunately.

    What other tech. subjects would be of interest to folks reading this blog? Especially interesting to me would be subjects that aren’t typically covered in mainstream tech. media or other blogs.

  4. I’m here mostly because you’re a former AOLer who I sort-of knew when you were here (though not in the sense of ever having actually met in person). And you know some people I’m close to, like Ray and Tom.

    Honestly, the technical stuff pretty much bores me, though; I much prefer the more personal (which is why you may have noticed that I tend to only comment on non-technical entries). I don’t generally read too much in the way to techie blogs — I prefer to leave work at work and read things I enjoy in my spare time. (Yes, I enjoy my work…but I’m not a true geek in the sense of liking to hack away at personal projects in my spare time. If I were to suddenly become independently wealthy, I’d be out of here in a heartbeat.)

  5. Knew you from AOL, and figured this was good way to keep in touch (besides following you on twitter). You post some interesting tech stuff, and not so much that it makes it hard to follow.

  6. I subscribed mostly because of TCL and Aolserver. :P

    Sidenote: I think then I first subscribed there not so many ads.

  7. I don’t read your blog, directly, but by the feed into LJ. (I don’t like going to 100s of websites; no LJ feed and I’m likely not to read it). Not sure why I started reading; might have been a comment on a friends journal, or via LOPSA or somewhere else. But your content has been sufficiently interesting that I keep reading.

  8. We are mutual followers in Twitter. I am subscribed to your feed and I am read your blog because of the technical stuff. I have a collection of interesting blogs and yours is on it.


  9. Because American Idol sucks

  10. I met you through $GROUPNAME, now LOPSA-NJ. You have a lot of breadth and depth of knowledge, and reading your stuff allows me to learn more about more stuff in less time than reading other sources. Sometimes, you mention things I’m partly or completely unaware of, and it sends me to do research on the topic.

  11. To everyone who commented, I realize I haven’t responded individually to each of you, but I appreciate your feedback very much! I’ve been thinking a lot about what the sample of responses represents.

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