Sarah Palin is 2008’s Dan Quayle

While I self-describe myself politically as centrist–financially conservative but socially liberal–I typically lean towards supporting Republicans over Democrats. However, I have to admit that an Obama/Biden victory sounds interesting. But, the novelty of a black senator and one with a sob story is going to wear thin when they accomplish nothing positive of note like every other recent President and Vice President, and we’ll be stuck with them running the country. I will likely support them in the upcoming election, but before I do, I seriously need to find an answer to the question, “Can they possibly make things worse?” While it seems hard to believe they could, the only thing inifinte in this universe is stupidity.

On the subject of stupidity, I want to share this image with you:

Dan Quayle (1988), Sarah Palin (2008)

Clearly, McCain is taking a play straight out of Bush’s playbook. Why?

  • Both are clearly underqualified for the position.
  • If elected, no one would want the President to pass away for fear of the ascension of the VP to that esteemed position.
  • They are both physically attractive.
  • Both say things that are inconceivably stupid.

I’m sure there are even more similarities that aren’t even obvious yet, but if anyone doubts, just remember this worked back in 1988–just 20 short years ago. But, 20 years is a generation already; young, impressionable voters today are weren’t alive when the Dan Quayle play was run (think about that for a moment) and are just as stupid as the Vice Presidential candidate presented so they can better relate, and they all like a pretty face.



  1. 44% of americans think the american system is irreparably damaged and will continually decline with current the two-party system.

    5% of americans vote for something other than the two parties.

    it doesn’t matter how stupid sarah is.

    all that matters is she can gut a moose, and that’s different, and right now, i’ll take anything different that i can get.

  2. by the way, just to be clear, i’m not voting for mccain palin.. not voting for obama biden either. but of the two, lets take the moose gutter.

  3. See, Steve, that’s exactly what I mean! Given the choice, we wanna see the Hockey Grandma star in an “Alaskan Governors Gone Wild” video, no matter how poor of a choice of leadership she might be.

    I don’t care that when Obama’s President, he’ll put an end to email spam, make all porn sites 100% free, we’ll all have high-speed fiber to the desktop, blah, blah blah … what we all want to see is what’s behind Palin’s “Green Door.”

    And that is how McCain’s going to become the next President of the United States. God help us all.

  4. both parties promise different means to the same end, yet fail to consider that what we want are different ends.

    at least i can cut my losses with some entertainment.

  5. Wow its amazing how much ALL these comments just sound like a broken record all these years later. Then again its been that way for at least the last 40 years at least for EVERY election cycle.

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