Jason announces his new show on PodTech Network

So, Jason Calacanis officially announced the coming of his new podcast where he’s going to donate the proceeds of the show to charity. Apparently, he’s raised $100K so far and it’s going to the private Bay Ridge Preparatory School in Brooklyn, NY, so that “disadvantaged youth” can attend. It’s a great way to give back to the community and a good way of making the world a better place to live.

Interestingly, Jason asks:

“Who should I have as my first guest?”

Let me see … quoting from the press release:

“The weekly show […] will focus on Jason’s insights in new media and technology trends and those of his special guests.”


“The media philanthropy model that the CalacanisCast show represents is a first example of a sustainable, high-quality media property that generates not only awareness, but monetary support, for philanthropic causes.”

How about interviews with people who do the work for philanthropic causes. Ask them how this new media and the latest technology trends has affected their causes. Is it enabling? Can they bring benefit a larger audience now? Garner more support and volunteers?

Jason, you could provide insight into ways we can continue to evolve new media in a direction that could further meet their needs and goals. Wouldn’t it be keen to see a “Web 2.0” startup built around providing a service that facilitates or works to directly achieve some goal of one of these philanthropic organizations?

Of course, I don’t know if this would build you an audience. But, just another bunch of talking heads egobating about their wild successes and “the next big thing” isn’t exactly what I’d consider a “high-quality media property.” Highly valuable to advertisers, maybe, but value isn’t quality.


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