White chocolate and red liquorice are just wrong

These are wrong

Did you know that there’s no such thing as “white chocolate” or “red liquorice”? No, really …

Maybe sure you’re thinking, “But I’ve had white chocolate, and I’ve had red liquorice. What do you mean there’s no such thing?” What I really mean is: these names are misnomers.

“White chocolate” isn’t really chocolate. “Red liquorice” contains no liquorice.

Of course, these foods probably got their names because it was easier to refer to them by these names than something more accurate. Or, perhaps it was a clever act of marketing. Still, I’m doing my part by spreading the word about these inaccuracies.

Know of any common misnomers, things that people call by a certain name, which is actually technically inaccurate? Let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks!


  1. It may be true of Twizzlers that red liquorice contains no liquorice, but this isn’t true of the entire market. Australian-made red liquorice, such as that sold by Darrell Lea, Kadac (through the Ricci brand) and Coles all contain liquorice extract.

    • Interesting – I can’t find an ingredients list for the liquorices sold by Darrell Lea (and their green apple liquorice sounds great!) … but at least the page does say “Made with real liquorice root” so, it’s certainly liquorice.

      Thanks for the tip, GJT, and you’re right – there are “red liquorice” that do contain liquorice. But, in America, “red liquorice” pretty much refers to Twizzlers and Red Vines which actually contain no liquorice root at all.

  2. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, which is what chocolate is made with. It just doesn’t have cocoa solids in it.
    Google harder, dude.

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