“ogg base! scum kills!” … say what?!

Netrek. The holy grail of retro-gaming. But, most people have no idea what it even is.
Well, I finally put my thoughts down in a post on rec.games.netrek on Usenet.

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    You sound like Nietzsche.

    Was the Macintosh version the same as the PC version? I never played, but my brother had a copy of the software on his old college Mac. And I do mean old.

  2. Ahh, you’re thinking of NetTrek, which is an entirely different game. This page, http://www.fatlion.com/randy/nettrek.html, describes a bit of the history, and even hints that there was a chance of getting it resurrected for modern computers, if there was sufficient interest.

    NetTrek was a neat game, too … but definitely not the same as Netrek. Netrek is a whole ‘nother game …

  3. Sure enough, NetTrek, for the Mac-ola only. I never got around to updating it as the OS’s for the PC were moving around so much and I just didn’t have the cash for the 4 or so PC’s that you’d need to create the game…

    Plus, it just takes a lot of time. Ugh, I guess I’m just getting too old.

    Maybe someday soon… I’ll get a couple of Macs and start again.

  4. Randy … open-source NetTrek and lets port it to OS X and Linux. An optional Win32 version could be had using Cygwin …

    Ahh, probably not enough demand for retro-gaming. Kids today, spoiled by these newfangled 3D video cards. Bah.

  5. Last i seen NetTrek was open source for a long time now.

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