AOL gets buzz for open-sourcing Milkdrop, AVS, Ultravox and NSV

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to keep up with Slashdot so I totally missed this. But, luckily, while reading Justin Frankel‘s blog and listening to the output of an IRC Ninjam session, I caught wind of the news I missed via this entry:

Finally, I’m happy to see AOL open source AVS/Milkdrop/NSV/Ultravox. Woot.

So, I had to Google around and found the BetaNews article from June 3rd, 2005, covering the release. It’s cool that AOLserver gets a nod in the article, even though they call it AOL Server. I guess that’s better than no mention at all.

Here are the relevant links to all the newly open-sourced stuff:

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