= Motley Fool 2.0

Jason’s team at Weblogs, Inc. does it again: For a more mainstream writeup, read Heather Green’s article at BusinessWeek (via Nick Wilson at Performancing). has the Weblogs, Inc. look and feel to it, integrates AOL assets (links to Message Boards, Alerts & Reminders, Quotes, Portfolios, etc.) but is done in a way that’s very clean — not the usual AOL “Fisher Price” style of web design. This could be the watershed moment for AOL’s “audience” business.

What makes me really chuckle is that this feels so Motley Fool 2.0 to me. I mean, 11 years ago, to the month, AOL helped launch the Gardner brothers online.

Lets just hope that AOL can repeat that success again, in today’s popular format. Here’s to wishing that TWX stock price goes up.

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