Rockin’ out my guitar at Sunday school

Today marks the start of me playing guitar with the children in Sunday school at my church. My guitar-fu is weak, but the only way to get better is to practice, right?

The idea is that the kids have been singing songs in Sunday school a capella, but it’s more fun to sing along to an instrument, right? So, I volunteered to play along on my guitar. Today, I played “Hallelu, Hallelujah!” and the kids sang! I think I played it a little too fast … and the voices of the 20-odd kids really drowned out my unamplified acoustic guitar, anyway. But, it was still lots of fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again next week.



  1. Julio Hernandez-Miyares says

    Please invite me when you all decide to play Shine On you Crazy diamond. Imagine what that would sound like on a church organ.

  2. Julio: Definitely. I’ve already spoken to the church organist and she’s at least curious about it. I need to get a copy of Wish You Were Here so she can listen to it and decide.

  3. Ahhh keep jamming dude

  4. wez: Thanks, man!

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