Santa brought us a Wii for Giftmas 2007

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Somehow, Santa managed to score us a Nintendo Wii for Giftmas this year. Hopefully, this will eventually replace our PlayStation 2, once we build up a reasonable collection of games.

I have to admit, the last Nintendo-based gaming product I’ve owned was the Super NES. I passed on the GameBoy family of products, the GameCube, and the DS. But, the Wii … something about it just smelled of old-fashioned Nintendo charm … gameplay that was really fun again, not like these annoying reflex-based twitch games that are so popular today.

The games we’ve tried so far: Super Paper Mario and Wii Play. I was hoping that Super Paper Mario was more like the original Super Mario Bros. game from the NES days, but it’s pace is heavily punctuated by the cute storyline. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get into it.

On the other hand, Wii Play was a hit the moment we started. Both of my girls, ages 7 and 4, study horseback riding, so the “Charge!” game was the natural first choice to try. They quickly figured out the mechanics of how to hold and manipulate their Wii remotes and had a blast! The rest of the Wii Play games were fun, but some were a bit difficult to play given our setup. Let me explain with a picture:

The girls playing Wii Play 'Charge!

That’s our living room. That’s a 87″x65″ projection screen that they’re playing on. The little sensor bar is sitting on that Little Tykes table, below the screen. The sensor bar is, what, maybe 24″ wide? Perhaps there’s a setting I can adjust more than “above or below the screen” (which I’ve already set to “below”), but pointing at a location on the screen doesn’t work right. Still, playing on the big screen makes for an awesome Wii experience, I have to admit.

I have to say, Nintendo has really done well with the Wii. It’s definitely the kind of gaming console that reminds me of my childhood, growing up with the original NES. I’m glad I can share that experience with my chidlren.

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  1. I like the projection screen, how much does that setup cost I wonder. Almost makes it worth buying a Wii.

  2. ohmer: The projector we’re using is an Optoma that we were able to pick up for around $400. It’s not the same as a high-end LCD TV, but it also didn’t cost $3,000+ like an LCD TV. :-)

  3. Nice !

    You should give Battalion Wars 2 and Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 a try ;-)

  4. I’ve seen posts on how the Wii sensor bar is just a pair of infrared emitters. People have been using 2 candles to do the same thing.

  5. Origamislayer: Yeah, I saw those articles too. I’ll probably build my own DIY rechargable IR transmitter set to replace the Sensor Bar. Ideally, I’d like to get two “broken” Wiimotes and the Nyko rechargable batteries to go with it (since I already have the Nyko recharging dock for my two _working_ Wiimotes), then hack IR transmitter LEDs into the broken Wiimotes.

    Then, I can charge them on the dock, then place them under the projector screen when I need them. Of course, what are the odds someone would actually try to sell two broken Wiimotes for cheap, right?

  6. warioware is great fun but only for two hours or so, so don’t buy it but borrow or rent it if you can.

    Will have to find the horse riding one. My little un will go mad for it.

  7. james cash says

    Your projection picture looks horribly weak for being in the daylight, almost embarrassing for you, not sure why you would show off such a bad looking setup. I run mine on a 250 in special flake painted wall with 3200 lumens, even in direct sunlight my picture kills yours. Sorry your kids have to deal with such subpar offerings from what I can only say as ghetto parents. I’ll pray for you.

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