My mind is full of strange today

Kill it with fire. I don’t know why, but I’ve been saying this a lot lately. Epic lulz.

Kung Fu Panda. I might actually cave in and see this in IMAX. This movie is so obviously made of win.

Not only do I dislike Java, this past weekend I spent time decompiling it with Jad in order to make changes to an application whose source code has been lost. Strangely, decompiled Java is usually less obfuscated than human-authored Java. That says a lot about how bad most Java programmers are. Think about it.

Penrose triangle

After years of pondering, I’ve finally decided what I want as my first tattoo: a Penrose triangle. I love the idea of impossible objects as tattoo art.

I think I want to put it on my left forearm, just above the wrist. I still haven’t decided if I want it on the inner or outer arm, yet. I also have no idea where to go or who to ask to do it, either.

I received my BlackBerry code signing key today, so I can start using the “controlled APIs” in the application I’m developing. I’ll talk more about it when I have something that’s actually usable, but if you’ve been following my Twitter stream, you already have an idea of what it is.

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