Getting Adaptec afacli working on Ubuntu

In order to get afacli working on Ubuntu Hardy, I did these things:

1. Get afa-apps-snmp.2807420-A04.tar.gz from Dell.

2. Get libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 from Debian afacli depends on

Since I’m running Ubuntu x86_64, I put in /usr/lib32. Installing the rpm package under Ubuntu provides rpm2cpio which I used to extract afaapps-4.1-0.i386.rpm like this:

$ rpm2cpio afaapps-4.1-0.i386.rpm | (cd / && cpio -iudvm)

That’s it. You now have /usr/sbin/afacli.

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  1. Nick Lock says

    Thanks for that, mate! Just saved me a lot of head scratching when I reinstalled two of our Mandriva boxes onto Ubuntu :)

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