It’s time to tweak the blog theme

As part of 2010, I’d like to finally move away from my mostly monochromatic color scheme for my blog. However, the problem is … I can’t choose colors to save my life! After some fiddling around last night, these are the colors I ended up with:

Sample screenshot of new theme in progress

It might not be the worst possible colors to pick, but … ugh, even I know they’re ugly. But, I just can’t choose good colors!

Help me! What colors should I use as the palette for my new theme? I really do like the background color and body text colors I chose … but what about a highlight color? And link colors? Let me know what you think I should try, please!


  1. Try using a web color wheel to find colors that work well with your background color. Here is an example of one:

  2. Here is an example of a scheme that would probably work better:

  3. have you considered black text on black background?
    ok, maybe that’s not so…

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