Mark Jen’s blog says I have bad “spam karma”!

I just tried to leave a comment in Mark Jen‘s blog. Upon submitting the comment, I got this friendly message:

Spam Karma: Your comment looks suspiciously like spam and has been moderated. It will be displayed once the admin approves it.

Here’s the link to his entry about his invite to Odeo, and below is the comment I tried to leave. Does it look spammy to you?

[…] the most intriguing part was the “Create” button. It claims that they are creating something called “Odeo Studio” which will be a browser-based tool to help you create podcasts. Browser-based?! This could be hot!

Uh, you mean they’re going to create a DHTML page with AJAX that has some form input fields and spits out RSS with enclosures for people to cut-and-paste into a file then upload to their server? Yes, I’ve been thinking about creating such a page but the folks at Red Square have already created Podifier which fills this niche, although it’s not browser-based — it’s a Win32 app.

I’ve been thinking about podcasting, and making it more accessible by lowering the barrier to entry lately, too. New product idea:

1. Instruct podcaster to upload digital media to Ourmedia.
2. DHTML page with form inputs to gather metadata about podcast.
3. Publish podcast feed with URL pointing at the asset now hosted by Ourmedia/Internet Archive.

Result? Free podcasting — at least, free to the podcaster. Ourmedia picks up the bandwidth tab, and podcasters are presented a simple interface for publishing their podcasts. They only need to learn how to upload their content to Ourmedia and use web form.

Sad: there’s probably VC money earmarked for a company that’ll do just this. Ridiculous. Who said the dot-com bubble had burst? Ha.


  1. Sorry Dossy! I’m not sure what’s up with Spam Karma, I’ve already got it set to super lenient.

    Maybe authentication systems like 6A’s TypeKey will save us from comment spam. In the meantime, it’s a real pain :S

  2. No worries, you approved the comment anyhow, after a bit of technical difficulty. :-)

    Thanks for the visit!

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