How to “switch accounts” in Twitter Karma

@Debra_Hamel asks,

“Is there some way to ask TwitterKarma to look at a second account once you’ve input the details for one account?”

The simplest answer is to close your browser completely, and the next time Twitter Karma tries to access Twitter, it will prompt you to re-authenticate. Of course, that’s no fun–I’d hate to close my browser and lose all my tabs, so I looked for another way.

In the Twitter API, there’s a “verify_credentials” method that, coincidentally, seems to change the effective user of the browser session if authentication is successful. You would invoke it by navigating to an URL like this:

Replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD with your account information. You should get a plain page back that just says “Authorized.” After that, reload the Twitter Karma page and click the “Whack!” button again. It should now load your friends and followers for the other account.

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  1. Thanks! That authentication thing alone actually didn’t work for me. But doing that and then restarting Firefox did. And for my purposes, at least, that’s okay. This isn’t something I’d want to do all the time, so restarting when I want to is okay. This is really great. Thank you!

  2. Hmm, I’m puzzled that using the authentication trick didn’t work for you. But, yes, restarting your browser will definitely work, for sure.

    I’ll try to double-check and see if I did something differently to get it to work for me.

  3. I’ll try again. Right now I’m working on getting a one-to-one correspondence on my TwitterLit followers/following. Which is a huge undertaking!

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